Businesses all over the world count on KPMG for accounting. KPMG is the smallest, yet most geographically dispersed of accounting’s Big Four, which also includes Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Ernst & Young, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. KPMG, a cooperative that operates as an umbrella organization for its member firms, has organized its structure into three operating regions: the Americas; Asia/Pacific; and Europe, Middle East, Africa. Member firms’ offerings include audit, tax, and advisory services; KPMG focuses on clients in such industries as financial services, consumer products, government, health care, information, communications, and entertainment. KPMG has discontinued its KLegal International network.

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KPMG to pay undisclosed amount to settle lawsuit

Accounting firm KPMG LLP will pay an undisclosed amount to settle a $50 million malpractice lawsuit brought by former client Targus Group International Inc., according to court officials.

The settlement was reached early on Tuesday after some six months of negotiations between KPMG and privately held Targus, a maker of computer cases based in Orange County, California, said court officials close to the case

KPMG Partner Pleads Guilty In Tax Shelter Case

A high-ranking partner at accounting giant KPMG pleaded guilty to helping fabricate $11.2 billion in fake tax shelters so America’s wealthiest families could beat income taxes.

The guilty plea yesterday in Manhattan federal court of David Rivkin, 42, could mean a devastating blow to a gang of 16 accounting execs at KPMG charged in the massive tax shelter scam

KPMG fined $456m for tax misdeeds

Global accounting giant KPMG has agreed to pay a $456m fine to settle a case related to past tax shelter sales.

The deal means KPMG will avoid potentially crippling criminal charges.

But prosecutors have charged nine people – mainly former KPMG executives – with conspiring to defraud US tax authorities in relation to the case

KPMG admits to past tax misdeeds

US federal prosecutors have built a criminal case against KPMG and are debating whether to file charges, the Wall Street Journal reported.

KPMG, one of the “big four” global accounting firms, said on Thursday it was in talks with the US Justice Department and co-operating fully.

It said it took “full responsibility for the unlawful conduct by former KPMG partners” and deeply regretted it