Tony Blair

Blair faces Iraq war inquiry move

Tony Blair faces a fresh move by senior MPs to set up a full Parliamentary inquiry into the UK role in the run up to the Iraq war and its aftermath.

Tory Ken Clarke and Lib Dem deputy leader Sir Menzies Campbell are among those backing the cross-party motion.

They are aiming to get 200 signatures and get a debate in the Commons

Ambassador turns on Blair over Iraq

There are some diplomats who think that an ambassador’s desk should hold its secrets as much as the psychiatrist’s couch.

Not Sir Christopher Meyer, lately Her Britannic Majesty’s Ambassador in Washington.

Correspondents based in Washington knew Mr Meyer as an accomplished envoy, and an engaging and sharp-tongued informant

Memoirs shine new light on war

Tony Blair has faced any number of claims about what he did and did not do when he and President Bush were preparing to go to war on Iraq.

The difference with Sir Christopher Meyer’s recollections is that he was actually there most of the time.

The former UK ambassador to the US witnessed much of the talk first hand and was in a position to see the relationship between the two men develop, and even help it along where necessary