Mitsubishi duo guilty over faults

Two ex-Mitsubishi members of staff have been found guilty of professional negligence over the death of a woman crushed by a wheel falling off a truck.

The Mitsubishi Fuso truck model was later recalled by the Japanese firm.

Hiroshi Murakawa, 61, and Hirotoshi Miki, 59, had been overseeing quality control at Mitsubishi Motors

Ex-Mitsubishi heads deny cover-up

The former chief of Japanese carmaker Mitsubishi Motors has denied criminal charges that he conspired to cover up defects which led to a fatal accident.

Former president Katsuhiko Kawasoe and ex-vice president Takashi Usami are on trial in Yokohama, near Tokyo.

Mitsubishi has admitted that it covered up the clutch problem which led to the death of a truck driver in 2002

Former Mitsubishi bosses arrested

Japanese police have arrested seven former executives of Mitsubishi Motors on suspicion of falsifying reports into a fault that caused a fatal accident.

The seven all worked for the company in January 2002, when a woman was killed by a wheel that broke off a passing Mitsubishi truck.

Up until March of this year it had blamed improper maintenance