HSBC’s exclusive village branch

Some HSBC customers in a Dorset village will no longer be able to see their bank manager as the branch turns into one of the most exclusive in England.

At its Canford Cliffs branch, the self-titled “world’s local bank” will only allow face-to-face banking for its “premier” customers.

The move, which starts in June, means Canford Cliffs will be the country’s only exclusively “premier” HSBC branch

HSBC quadruple charges for UK businesses

Up to 350,000 HSBC small business customers could face a quadrupling of banking costs following significant charge increases.

Those with a turnover of less than half a million must now pay much more for using the branch to do their banking.

Charges include 27 pence for every cheque paid in, and 50 pence out of every £100 cash deposited at any HSBC bank

HSBC bank to cut out CO2 emissions

HSBC is the first big bank to commit to going carbon neutral as it seeks to reduce its environmental impact.

Starting in 2005, it will plant trees, reduce energy use, buy green electricity and trade carbon credits to cut carbon dioxode flows.

HSBC chief executive Stephen Green said: “In 2003, HSBC’s CO2 emissions