Bank of China

Established on 1 October 2001, Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited or BOCHK. It has combined the businesses of ten of the twelve banks in Hong Kong originally belonging to the Bank of China Group.

Bank of China (Hong Kong) is a leading commercial banking group in Hong Kong in terms of assets and customer deposits. BOCHK offers a comprehensive range of financial products and services to retail and corporate customers.

Bank of China
Mail to P.O. Box 9526
General Post Office
Hong Kong
Fax to (852) 2537 1266
Call (852) 2160 6448

China bankers in US scam charge

Two former Bank of China managers have been charged in the US with stealing $485m (£272m) and attempting to launder the money through Las Vegas casinos.

Xu Chaofan, Xu Guojun and their wives were charged with 15 counts of racketeering, money laundering and fraud, the US Justice Department said.

The two men tried to launder the Bank of China’s money through Hong Kong, Canada and the US, the department said

China bank named in N Korea probe

China’s number two bank, Bank of China, has been named in media reports as the subject of a US inquiry into an illicit North Korean fund-raising network.

The bank is suspected by the US of links to criminal syndicates helping to finance Pyongyang’s nuclear programme, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The bank and two others based in Macau were caught up in a major US operation to shut down the trade, the paper said

Bank of China suspends two executives

Bank of China has suspended two deputy chief executives of its Hong Kong arm over corruption allegations. Bank of China (Hong Kong) floated in 2002, making it the group’s showcase. It was formed by pulling together and reshaping several Hong Kong subsidiaries ahead of its listing