WorldCom agrees $54m payout

Ten former directors at WorldCom have agreed to pay $54m (£28.85m), including $18m from their own pockets, to settle a class action lawsuit, reports say.

James Wareham, a lawyer representing one of the directors, told Reuters the 10 had agreed to pay those who lost billions when the firm collapsed

Board to agree pay cut in car row

German-US car giant DaimlerChrysler is offering to cut executive pay in order to end a dispute over cost cuts.

Staff at the firm’s German plants have downed tools in protest at the plans to move jobs abroad unless 500m euros ($620m; £330m) in savings can be found.

But now the company says that its board members will accept a cut in pay if employees back down

Bank Promotes Ethical Trade

More than £6.5m worth of business considered to be “unethical” was turned away by the Co-operative bank in 2003.

The UK based group said the value of business it had refused was 58% higher than in 2002