Top Chinese businessman arrested

The former head of Chinese oil firm Sinopec, who stepped down unexpectedly in June, has been arrested.

Officials confirmed that Chen Tonghai had been detained for questioning, but did not explain why.

Following Mr Chen’s decision to quit for “personal reasons”, state media reported that he was being investigated for “financial problems”

Jail term for China Aviation boss

The former head of China Aviation Oil (CAO) has been sentenced to four years and three months in jail for his role in the firm’s near-collapse in 2004.

Chen Jiulin, who had earlier pleaded guilty to six charges including insider trading, was also fined 350,000 Singapore dollars ($207,300; £124,000).

Four directors at the company had already been sentenced by a Singapore court for their part in the scandal

China Aviation boss pleads guilty

The former head of China Aviation Oil (CAO) has pleaded guilty to six charges related to its near collapse in 2004.

Chen Jiulin pleaded guilty in Singapore’s subordinate court to charges including making false statements and insider trading.

Four directors at the company have already been sentenced for their part in the scandal

China Aviation execs plead guilty

Three non-executive directors of China Aviation Oil (CAO) have pleaded guilty in Singapore to insider dealing charges and failing to disclose losses.

Jia Changbin, Gu Yanfei and Li Yongji now face sentencing on Thursday.

Last month, Peter Lim, CAO’s former finance chief, was given two years in prison and fined over one of Singapore’s biggest business scandals

Ex-China Aviation officer jailed

Peter Lim, ex-finance chief of China Aviation Oil (CAO), has been given two years in prison and fined over one of Singapore’s biggest business scandals.

CAO, China’s monopoly jet fuel trader, accumulated $550m (£317m) in losses in oil derivatives trading.

Lim was imprisoned for cheating, an offence under the Penal Code, and fined 150,000 Singapore dollar($92,000) for an offence under the Securities Act

China bankers in US scam charge

Two former Bank of China managers have been charged in the US with stealing $485m (£272m) and attempting to launder the money through Las Vegas casinos.

Xu Chaofan, Xu Guojun and their wives were charged with 15 counts of racketeering, money laundering and fraud, the US Justice Department said.

The two men tried to launder the Bank of China’s money through Hong Kong, Canada and the US, the department said

China bank named in N Korea probe

China’s number two bank, Bank of China, has been named in media reports as the subject of a US inquiry into an illicit North Korean fund-raising network.

The bank is suspected by the US of links to criminal syndicates helping to finance Pyongyang’s nuclear programme, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The bank and two others based in Macau were caught up in a major US operation to shut down the trade, the paper said

China Aviation owner fined $4.8m

Singapore’s central bank has fined the owner of China Aviation Oil (CAO) for selling shares in the crisis-hit firm a month before its collapse.

Beijing’s China Aviation Oil Holding Company was ordered to pay 8m Singaporean dollars ($4.8m; £2

Forgery charge for jet fuel boss

Chen Jiulin, the suspended boss of crisis-hit jet fuel supplier China Aviation Oil (CAO), has been charged with insider trading.

The charges, which include making false statements, failing to disclose losses and forgery, come a day after Mr Chen and other executives were arrested.

CAO collapsed in December after running up losses of $550m (£248m) betting on the future price of oil

Bank of China suspends two executives

Bank of China has suspended two deputy chief executives of its Hong Kong arm over corruption allegations. Bank of China (Hong Kong) floated in 2002, making it the group’s showcase. It was formed by pulling together and reshaping several Hong Kong subsidiaries ahead of its listing