Yahoo settles click fraud lawsuit

Yahoo has settled a lawsuit filed by Checkmate Strategic Group which alleged that the search firm provided insufficient protection against click fraud.

Under the terms of the settlement Yahoo will pay roughly $5m to offset Checkmate’s legal fees, and has promised to look at its advertising terms and conditions.

Click fraud involves individuals using scripts or manually clicking on pay-per-click advertisements for financial gain

Company Files Fraud Lawsuit Against Yahoo

A Yahoo advertiser has accused the Internet search engine of fraud, saying its ads have been appearing in spyware and “typosquatter” Web sites that take advantage of misspelled trademarks.

Crafts By Veronica, which makes fabric-covered photo albums, filed a lawsuit accusing Yahoo of breaching a contract by charging advertisers for pay-per-click ads shown improperly in “pernicious spyware programs” and on low-quality Web sites.

It names Yahoo; Overture Services Inc

Chinese man ‘jailed due to Yahoo’

The internet giant Yahoo has been accused of providing China with information that led to the jailing of a second internet writer.

Media watchdog Reporters Without Borders claims that Yahoo released data which led to the arrest of Li Zhi.

The online writer was jailed for eight years in 2003, after posting comments that criticised official corruption

Yahoo ‘helped jail China writer’

Internet giant Yahoo has been accused of supplying information to China which led to the jailing of a journalist for “divulging state secrets”.

Reporters Without Borders said Yahoo’s Hong Kong arm helped China link Shi Tao’s e-mail account and computer to a message containing the information.

The media watchdog accused Yahoo of becoming a “police informant” in order to further its business ambitions