Washington chip probe eyes Sony

US authorities are investigating Sony’s electronics unit and have asked for information about its static random access memory, or SRAM, business.

It comes two weeks after the Department of Justice launched an inquiry into fellow SRAM chip makers, Samsung and Cypress Semiconductor.

Sony said it would co-operate with the investigation, which it called an industry-wide inquiry

Inquiry into music downloading

The US Department of Justice is investigating allegations of price fixing by top music labels on their charges for digital downloading.

The inquiry mirrors an ongoing probe by New York attorney general Eliot Spitzer into what the industry charges firms such as Apple to sell music online.

Labels have been at loggerheads with Apple over what it charges for tracks sold through its iTunes online service

Sony sued over controversial CDs

Sony BMG’s woes in the US over its much-criticised anti-piracy CD software have deepened.

It is facing two separate lawsuits in Texas and California.

The Texan lawsuit accuses Sony of installing spyware and is seeking damages of up to $100,000 in damages for each violation

Pay-for-play costs Sony BMG $10m

Sony BMG, the world’s second-biggest record label, has agreed to pay $10m (£5.7m) and stop paying radio station employees to play its artists’ songs.

The settlement follows an investigation into “pay for play” practices in the music industry, conducted by New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer

Sony sued by film maker

A production company sued Sony Pictures and its Columbia Pictures division, alleging the studios shortchanged the firm on receipts from the 1970s film “The Lords of Flatbush,” court documents state.

The suit filed Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court by Ebbets Field Film Co. claims breach of contract and violation of the business and professional code