Prosecutors charge Samsung chief

The chairman of South Korean firm Samsung, Lee Kun-hee, has been indicted for tax evasion and breach of trust, prosecutors say.

The announcement follows a three-month investigation into alleged corruption at South Korea’s biggest conglomerate.

But the probe cleared the firm of allegations by a former executive that it used a multi-million dollar slush fund to bribe prosecutors and judges

Prosecutors question Samsung boss

The boss of South Korea’s Samsung Group has appeared before special prosecutors to be questioned over allegations of corruption at the firm.

Lee Kun-hee, chairman of the company, the country’s largest conglomerate, is being questioned in regard to an investigation that started in January.

Samsung is accused of operating a 200bn won ($215m; £108m) slush fund to bribe prosecutors, judges and civil servants

Samsung settles price fixing case

Samsung Electronics has agreed to pay $90m to settle legal action over microchip price-fixing allegations.

It must also co-operate in suits against other microchip manufacturers.

The South Korean company faced claims customers had been forced to overpay for equipment containing its dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips

Samsung men ‘admit’ price fixing

Three executives at Samsung Electronics have agreed to plead guilty on charges of conspiring to fix the price of computer memory chips.

The three men each agreed to serve terms of between seven and eight months in prison and to each pay a fine of $250,000 (£143,000).

The long-running US government probe has resulted in more than $731m in fines against 12 people and four firms

Samsung to give $825m to charity

South Korea’s largest firm, Samsung, is to donate more than $825m (£473m) to charity after scandals hit the company.

The company chairman, Lee Kun-Hee, who recently returned to South Korea after a five-month overseas trip, apologised for “wrongful” previous practices.

He left the country in September after allegations of illegal donations to politicians, of which he was cleared