Philip Morris

Philip Morris International holds about 15% of the non-US cigarette market. Its smokes are sold in 160 countries, and it sells seven of the top 20 brands outside the US. The firm’s key brands include Marlboro (the world’s top-selling cigarette), Bond Street, Chesterfield, Lark, Merit, Parliament, Philip Morris, and Virginia Slims, as well as popular regional brands. It makes cigarettes in more than 50 facilities worldwide and makes and sells food products in Latin America. The company acquired a 40% stake in Indonesia’s PT Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna and is buying another 57% in the clove cigarette firm for some $5.1 billion.

Philip Morris International
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Philip Morris pays $1.25bn to settle case

The European Union on Friday dropped money-laundering and smuggling claims against Philip Morris International in a $1.25bn settlement it claimed could herald similar deals with other tobacco companies.

The EU legal team, which is pursuing RJ Reynolds and Japan Tobacco in the US courts, believes the deal with the makers of Marlboro cigarettes is a benchmark for future settlements